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Sex Dream...

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Feb. 13th, 2009 | 04:56 pm

Last night I had a sex dream about a teacher I have. He's the only teacher I have right now who really intimidates me too much and his class is the one which I struggle the most with, currently. Also, he's gay. I find a lot of his mannerisms really adorable but there are also parts of his personality that are a little repulsive to me at times. It was the most visceral sex dream I've had in a notably long time-- since maybe 8th grade or so. I forgot all about it until about an hour into being awake, and since then I've been transfixed by it...

It carried a lot of weight. It was really reflective of the way I'm feeling, the things I feel I'm lacking, etc... In the dream, we were flirting, and it was feeling really, really, just so good/satisfying. He then just picked me up and started making out with me and we kind of spun around together... it was just perfect everything felt so right... and he asked me if I'd ever been with anyone as old as him, or kind of alluded to that, and I said I had, and he smiled the gentlest, happiest smile...

I had no idea I was so dissatisfied until I had such a perfectly wonderful dream.

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