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Feb. 18th, 2009 | 05:39 pm

So, all my bike stuff came today:
2 tubes
2 tires
some tools

... managed to bust a valve... somehow... still not sure how that happened, exactly, but at any rate, I busted a valve one one of my new tubes, dinked around for an hour trying this and that, in case it wasn't the valve that was busted (as it just at a weird angle? was the pump working? I really didn't wanna deal with the fact that I'd busted one of my brand new tubes... they're not expensive, it's just a hassle). So, took the now busted tube back off, thinkin, ehhhh no big deal, one of my old tubes isn't dead yet... impaled it with the rounded end of a tire lever (? yeah, again, a mystery) when I was tucking in the sides of the tire itself... so, now I have 3 busted tubes and (once again) 1 functional tire. It's a little frustrating... but not a huge deal, just a delay. So I just went on my way, cleaned the chains, took another look at the derailleurs, which are a little funny but I think just need a little love, and locked her back up (upside-down, sans 1 tube).

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